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Car Cover helps to protect your car’s paint

Yes, the upkeep on your vehicle can be pricey, but staying on top of your car maintenance is less expensive than the alternative. The cost of not taking good care of your vehicle can be an eye-opening lesson sometimes, and a great reason to stay on top of things. When it comes to protect your car’s paint car cover helps and it becomes the most urgent accessory to give you a hand. Read further to learn how.

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Car Cover helps to protect the paint if parked outdoors.

Ensure that you park your car in a sheltered parking spot whenever possible if there is no car cover. This will not only protect your car’s paintwork but also the rubber trims and the headlights. Doing so you prevent some of the damage that can occur via a combination of heat, UV rays and nuisance in the form of bird droppings or bugs. However spending some on a long lasting covers is never a bad idea especially if you don’t own a garage.

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Changing your vehicle’s oil

For example, changing your vehicle’s oil. When I was a kid, it cost me $1,500 to replace the engine in my $400 1981 Toyota Tercel. I was completely clueless about vehicle maintenance, and let the oil run dry. Lesson learned. In those days, one could perform their own oil changes, and I soon learned how afterwards. These days, cars are complicated and not worth the hassle of doing it yourself. Check your owner’s manual to learn how frequently your car’s oil and filter should be changed. The 5,000 km rule doesn’t always apply these days. Many newer cars can safely go 7,000-25,000 lm between oil changes.

Tires are expensive.

Tires are one of those expenses that are worth every penny, since it’s your tires that keep you safe on the road. While, many of us don’t think about it much but spending $20 on a tire rotation can help extend the life of your tires, saving you money in the long run. Thus, ask your service advisor to rotate them when the car is in for service anyway and save the expense of removal too.

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Written By: Linda Aylesworth


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