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Car Cover the lifesaver.

One of the hardest things for auto repair customers to understand is why their repair or service cost so much. One of the most difficult and costly repairs is re-painting the car and/or removing the mold. If you don’t own a tent or a garage then there is one more alternative that you can do. A good Car Cover can protect your vehicle no matter what the weather condition is and heavy duty car cover is the lifesaver all year round. Waterproof and breathable car covers can keep your vehicle safe at an acceptable temperature range (-40C – +40C) outside. High-quality Car Covers can even keep mold and rust away from your vehicle as well. That’s the reason why you have to get a good Car Cover (Find your car cover here:

An explanation of the repair may sound simple and straightforward, but the actual work required to accomplish that simple repair can be very complicated. The dilemma is, if we explain something in a way that a layperson can understand, the simple explanation can make a customer think it’s a simple job.

What to do?

Many services and repairs are hard for customers to understand and hard for us to explain. The complex interplay of dozens of computers and sensors on a vehicle’s Control Area Network (CAN) can be incredibly tough to convey in a short conversation with a person unfamiliar with the topic. Two skilled technicians can have a conversation about this complex system, but a service adviser and a customer — not so much.

So how do we get around this? Well, we have to rely on trust.

It’s just like when I go to the dentist. I trust the dentist we use, listen to his explanations, and just say yes to recommended services.

You’ll need to have this same type of relationship with your auto service facility. Take the time to build a working relationship. Start with small jobs and slowly build upon this until you are comfortable saying yes.

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