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Make Customized Car Covers

Make it personal!

We are the one-and-only company to offer highly customized car covers in North America with the most affordable prices.

Depending on your needs we manufacture high-quality luxury covers in 3 weeks and deliver it to your door.
Customize your own outdoor/indoor car cover below and email us or fill the form below to get the fastest quote.

The process is simple.

You Order a Design > We Build it > We deliver it

What can you customize?

Choose whether you need an indoor/outdoor cover.

The color of your car cover.

The texture on the cover.

The material of your cover.

Choose the number of layers you want.

Custom for your vehicle’s make and model.

We are taking it to the next level!

Contact us now and get a quick quote with no hidden fees.

Proudly Designed in the US.

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How to place an order?

We manufacture our customized high-quality car covers based on your needs and requests. In order to place an order please fill the form on the right and we’ll reply in 5 mins.

Manufacturing and Shipping

We can do any texture you wish in just 15 days and ship it to you in 7 business days.


Please note that bringing up a highly customized car cover takes great effort because all our covers are handmade and High-quality.  We love serving you and we always keep in touch.

Contact us anytime 24/7.


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