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Providing great customer experiences and customer satisfaction is our main focus. We would love to show our car covers from happy customers and share your valuable opinions here with everyone.  Car Covers that we offer have no match in the industry with the proof provided. Please feel free to submit your Car Cover pictures below and share your opinions. We thank you all for your reviews. logo

Cover fits my 2002 Acura TL really well

Here is my first impression of this car cover. The zippered access to the driver’s door is a big plus. The inner liner is a soft cloth-like material which hasn’t scratched the clear-coat thus far. The exterior material repels water really well and there’s no seepage through the stitched seams.  I highly recommend this item.

William G.

Approved Customer

Anonymous and Positive

Shipping was fast and efficient- great job! – and the package arrived very well protected. After opening the package I feared it would have that strong scent of new plastic but it surprisingly didn’t to my relief. Once on the car, I was very well pleased with the overall fit and “seal” around the car. The straps at each end of the cover also help to tighten and hold the cover down (the stitching wasn’t anything robust but if you’re careful, it will last a long time) overall I’m very content with this cover so far and I’m looking forward to seeing how it handles the snow/rain/and heat.


Approved Customer

Car Cover Fits Great

This fit perfectly on my 2014 Camaro! It was easy to put on and the straps are a great bonus. I am so happy with my purchase!

Thomas F.

Approved Customer

Very well made Car Cover

I have a Dodge Avenger that I use for a second vehicle and I just had it repainted. I don’t have a garage to keep it out of the elements so I thought I would get a car cover. this is a really well-made cover. I like that it has the mirror notches. The side zipper for the driver door comes in real handy for when I go out and start my car to run for a bit when I’m not driving it. The inside is nice and soft and I have found nothing on the seams that would scratch your paint by accident.

Mathilda R.

Approved Customer

Great fit for Mercedez Benz GL550

Great fit for our MB GL550 (with the mirrors folded). It might be a bit of a stretch if the mirrors were unfolded, but it might still fit. The zipper on the driver side is great for getting in and out of the car without taking the cover off. Hopefully, it lasts as good as it looks.

Vlad M.

Approved Customer

High quality cover for 2017 Honda Accord

I gotta say that the good reviews are on point. I received over the day I was out of town for 6 days. While I was putting the cover on, one of the clips broke (I pulled on the fastener too tight, my bad). I contacted customer support, who were very responsive (via chat) and resolved the issue by mailing me a replacement clip. Despite not having the under clip toward the back of the cover, it protected my car for the full 6 days. Love the fit, look of the cover and its durability.


Approved Customer

Fits perfect on my Infiniti M35S

Nicely packed and arrived quickly. I love the quality of the material. The reflective material helps keep more heat out of the car and the inside is soft. It was a bit tight the first time I put the cover on, but now it fits perfect! The black nylon belts are placed well and keep the cover on even with strong winds. The elastic at the ends/around the cover keeps it in the perfect place. No water coming thru. This is really well designed. the reflective parts are also cool.

Kees J. De Maa

Approved Customer

Toyota Avalon Car Cover

I took 4 photos of my car cover that I just received. I was worried but when I put it on my Avalon. Wow. Fits awesome and I highly recommend this awesome quality for the price.

After opening the box it took me all of 1 minute to put it on. The only reason it was hard the first time is that I confused the front with the back. Once I realized what direction it is supposed to lay, I simply threw it over top (hiding the clips to not scratch the car) and hooked it on the front and mirrors. Then I just roll it over to the back. I also started from the back twice just because I was there and pulling it from my trunk. It worked fine. The back even hooked on by itself by the time I was done pulling the front. This is very simple to put on.

Very satisfied folks. Good job!

Daniel M.

Approved Customer

Mercedes CLA250 Car Cover

After testing this out a bit I’ve decided to leave a review that responds to the concerns I personally had before purchasing. I am covering a Mercedes CLA250. Sorry, I didn’t have much time to take pictures but this one is enough to show that it fits great. I am overall very happy with the ease of use and utility of this product. For me, parking so close to other vehicles, it gives me peace of mind. I would like to see how long it lasts, but for now, I am very happy with the product considering the price point.


Approved Customer

Mini Cooper Car Cover

Perfect fit for my 2015 Mini Cooper Paceman. Not too thick and not too thin. Just got it today. Can’t wait to see if it stays cool inside. I have no problem with its fit and look. Looks cool. Thx


Approved Customer

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