Car covers are really a useful car care tool that protects the car’s body from outside elements that pose a threat to the car’s exterior, from extreme weather, dust and motes, sharp objects, accidents to theft and vandalism. However, some people hesitate to purchase one for their car, because there are a lot of myths that surround this certain product.

While some people might testify to a car cover’s disadvantages, there are actually cases where these people are just using their car covers wrong, and that is why they say car covers cause scratches on the car’s paint. This is one big myth that people believe, preventing them from believing in a scratch-proof car cover for their car.

If you are one of those who believe that car covers scratch the vehicle, then we’re here to prove you wrong. Here are some explanations to why car covers do not cause scratches.



You may not know this, but dust and other little particles can potentially scratch your vehicle’s exterior. Debris accumulating on the body can be dragged through the surface when you put a car cover on without cleaning the car first. The best thing to do is to clean your car before placing the cover over it.



It’s time to stop blaming a car cover for scratches, because sometimes the one to blame is the owner. You cannot expect perfection from an unkempt car cover. Since it is only an accessory, it’s also the owner’s responsibility to clean a car cover regularly, so that it does not cause any scrapes on the paint job.



A car cover would usually have a PEVA (vinyl-type) lining if it is tagged as waterproof. This layer of the cover dragged towards the paint surface might graze the exterior, causing scratches. Remember to always secure the car cover and keep it snugly fit to the car’s body so that any windy occurrence won’t cause surface friction.



A high-quality car cover will have a cotton layer that cushions the car from any exterior pressure or weight, while providing excellent protection against scratches. It will also have a fleece lining for maximum padding, preventing any sharp object from scratching the car’s surface.



Car covers that are made with poor quality materials will definitely not give enough protection from scratches. Remember that a car cover sticks to the car’s surface, and a poorly-made car cover can only do so much to block dust or sharp objects from scratching the car.


Parking your car outside exposes it to elements that can scratch the paint job, so invest in a car cover that is both durable and high-quality to prevent this from happening. is one car cover dealer that is guaranteed to provide premium car tarps for any make or model. If you want the best outdoor car cover, trust to provide it for you.

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