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Scraping damage your car save your car with a hailproof snowproof car cover

Save your Car with a Car Cover!

There’s nothing worse than being late for work and having to wait for your car’s central heating system to defrost your windscreen.  Car Covers are very effective when it comes to protecting your car against ice. Heavy-Duty Car Covers prevent the cover from sticking on the vehicle as well thanks to the inner fleece lining that protects the paint as well. Thus, it is always a good idea to get insured from snow, hail and heavy rain with a good waterproof car cover. One solution to speeding up this process comes in the form of an ice scraper. They can cost as little as a couple of bucks from convenience stores. They help you to clear your screen in a matter of minutes. Basically, you have to save your Car with a Car Cover if you don’t own a garage or a car porch.

Scraping damages your car paint!

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Top tip: Don’t use an old CD case or any other D.I.Y contraption to help clear your windscreen of ice. These can break and cause harm to you or damage your car.

Car Cover will protect your New Wiper Blades

Snow, hail, rain, you name it, winter brings it. There’s nothing worse than driving in these difficult conditions than with worn out wipers, that leaves behind a smeared mess.

Get your cover from Store #1 Car CoverStore in the US.

You can always pick up new wiper blade pairs or rubbers from a local automotive center or online for $10-20. Some auto centers will even fit these onto your vehicle for a small fee.

Top tip: Using your wipers to clear ice from your windscreen will damage the rubbers. Make sure your screen is thoroughly defrosted before attempting to do so.

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