Waterproof car cover to protect from rain damage

Does Rain damage your car?

A standout amongst the most evident concerns are watermarking after the rain (Rain Damage). While water will in the long run dissipate, any earth or minerals that were in the downpour water won’t, and will more often than not result in what is known as watermarks. Fortunately, standard watermarks don’t by and large harm your vehicle’s paint, they simply detract from the sparkle factor. In any case, not legitimately washing your vehicle following a few blustery days can result in the development of watermarks. This can, after some time, end up more enthusiastically to expel. In Spring and Summer particularly, the downpour is ceaseless which implies you should attempt to have your vehicle legitimately cleaned at regular intervals (in any event).

What if it’s been longer than few weeks? No need to worry. If a good hand-washing will not work, a clay bar or surface cleansing mitt can remove ingrained dirt from your vehicle’s paint. This process is included in our Wash + Wax package.

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What About Acid Rain?

Not to transform this into science class, however, the EPA characterizes Acid Rain as “A wide term alluding to a blend of wet and dry testimony (saved material) from the climate containing higher than ordinary measures of nitric and sulfuric acids.” In straightforward terms, downpour can contain more contamination and components than typical relying upon the zone and climate designs. The higher-than-typical sharpness of this downpour is unique in relation to ordinary water spots and can cause paint harm whenever left unattended.

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