Featured Reviews

Benito Hawkins

This is a great website for finding out about the best covers without potentially throwing your money away.  Website has a great general view and easy to understand with all details included in every cover. Contacted the customer service to verify everything and they were very friendly. Overall satisfied.

Toni Morrison

Only had this cover for about 7 months but I haven’t noticed anything getting through it. it’s on my son’s 2011 black mustang. very good quality and perfect-fit also. The car was stored in my garage over the winter and I had no issues with dust at all.

Mathilde Hunt

I just moved to NY city! the place I live right now doesn’t have a garage, so I have to park my car at the street all the times. My car always gets so dirty and loads with snow when it is winter time! So, it is so nice I got this! The material is very thick and durable also waterproof for when you uncover the car, you can just shake the snow off!