how to wash a car cover

Every Car OWNER is well known that car cover washing is a very hesitating & time-consuming task. After that, All the car owners have to be in front of this problem.

All of them are want to get rid of this & find the easiest process.

Here’s today, we will discuss & show you the exclusive, easiest formula for car cover washing ever!

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How to Wash a Car Cover by Hand[really just only hand]

To start with, nearly every type of car cover can be washed by hand and in the washing machine, but you must be careful. Some car covers are made of multiple layers held together by an adhesive that can be damaged if not cleaned properly.

In most cases, it is best to wash your car cover by hand. Thus, there are a couple of simple steps to wash your Car Cover followed by this(step by step).

  1. Step1: Install the car cover on a clean, dry car.
  2. Step2: Gently spray the entire cover with clean, cold water.
  3. Step3: Dilute a mild liquid detergent, like Woolite, in cold water and lightly cleanse your cover with a soft sponge.
  4. Step4: If your cover is not lined with a piece of soft fleece fabric, feel free to clean the inside of the cover by installing the cover inside-out on your vehicle and repeating the steps above.
  5. Step5: Once your cover’s clean, allow it to air dry for at least 6 hours.

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How to Wash a Car Cover in a Washing Machine

Many covers are machine washable as well, however, you will need to take them to a laundromat where they have commercial sized machines with no center agitator. To make it easier, what you’ll need to wash your car cover in a washing machine is listed below:

You Will Need:

The Cleaning Process is as follows:

  1. Add 1/4 c. cleaner to the washing machine.
  2. Select warm or cold water and normal or permanent press cycles and let the machine begin filling.
  3. If the cleaner dissolved in the water, you can add the cover.
  4. Run through a normal wash/rinse cycle.
  5. You can run an additional rinse cycle to ensure the soap vanished. Thus, this is an important step to protect the water resistance properties of the cover.
  6. At last, allow the cover to air dry completely. It’s often easiest to take it back home and put it over the car to allow it to dry. Do not dry in a dryer unless there is a special note on the care instructions that it is machine dryable.

Additional Tips and Advice[these are very important]

  • Firstly, never dry clean your car cover.
  • Secondly, never use fabric softener on your car cover as it will nullify the water resistance capabilities.
  • Further, never place non-woven or specialty covers in the dryer. If your cover is poly-cotton, cotton or flannel, it may be okay to dry it on low heat. Check the care instructions.
  • For instance, do not wash in machines with center agitators.
  • Most importantly, do not wash in hot water.
  • At last, you must ensure that there is no bleach in the detergent.

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